Snow, what snow?

Ok, a lot of snow.  With the general advice of not to travel followed for two days, a couple of journeys became necessary.  The LEAF running on Nokians* again handled it with aplomb.  Drifts of over 30cm were a challenge best avoided as there was a serious risk of ‘floating’ the car.  The simple approach of driving round them worked.  Preheat meant, as usual, no snow or ice on the car, started both times from the app on the phone.

Most exciting moment was circumnavigating an uncleared carpark.  First time I’ve had to disengage the traction control to let the tyres really dig in to the snow.  Did I feel guilty passing all the drivers spinning their wheels and going nowhere? No, they received the same advice as me, made their own assessments of what they could do.

Range?  The car had to work a great deal harder to make headway, which combined with the higher heating load (-4 outside) seriously reduced the range. My consumption dropped to 2mi/kWh, the worst I’ve ever recorded. Less than 70 miles total.  Realistically, I would not choose to set out on a long journey in any car in these conditions, but for short local journeys on days like this, the LEAF was first class.  No ABS operations, B mode regen did most of the work, in the deeper snow the overall performance was nearly faultless.  Performing a 3 point turn in the car park was a safer option than trying to reverse out, but as I had to do it silently in front of a rather stuck ICE being dug out by its driver, a bit of smugness crept in too.



Notes for anyone interested in which tyres:

*WR D4 on the front, WR A4 on the back.  The D4s are actually 225/45/17 from my old BMW, but the tread is much better for traction as well as quieter than the A4s.  Rolling circumference is reduced compared to the stock tyres, but only by a few %.  This is probably their last season, so I will change the size to 225/50/17, which will increase the rolling circumference by the same few %.





At work and just out and about, people do ask questions about my EV and my experiences with it.  My response is always enthusiastically positive, with clearly defined caveats to go along with the advantages of EV ownership.

Last week another colleague has made the leap to LEAF ownership, purchasing a used Tecna from Western at Newbridge.  He had initially gone to see his local dealer, but was going to go back to sell the idea to his wife, as the car would be for her.   I had recommended a visit to Cezar, something I’m not alone in doing.

For aWesterNissanNewbridgenyone considering a LEAF purchase, Cezar at Newbridge is a mine of information and support.  His enthusiasm for EV’s in general is contagious.


Needless to say after four hours of conversation, driving and choosing, a suitable car was identified and delivery is set for the next few weeks.  They have already planned a trip to Aviemore for a break.  Jumping in with both feet for a longer journey.  While the main advantages were clear for the work of a District Nurse, the lower costs of maintenance, fuel and ownership in general , with the convenient luxuries of pre-heat, heated seats and app control do most of the convincing.   The question of home charge point installation was easy, as there is a detached double garage, so fitting it between the door is an obvious choice.  The question of which charge point isn’t yet resolved, but what is wanted is a smart load sharing two socket unit, as they reckon at least one their next cars  replacementss will almost certainly become an electric choice.

Conversion complete!



The (quiet) sound of things to come.

There has been a great deal  of media coverage about new EVs lately, as well as the 2040 ICE ban in the UK.

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Rally electric.

Plug In Adventures are setting out on the Mongol Rally in a pretty much bog standard Nissan Leaf.    10,000 miles in a car that needs plugged in regularly crossing countries with a, variable, set of arrangements for electricity is going to be a new challenge.

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