Canal trip

Not as wet as it sounds.  Took my daughter for a cycle along the canal…and her first ride in the Leaf.

Don’t know quite what she made of it.   I know she loved the birds eye view in reverse.  Told her that by the time she was learning to drive electric cars would be the norm, not the exception.   I may be overstating the case, only 9 years away.

  Plan was to stop at Hermiston to top up the car while putting the bikes together from the boot, more top up on return leaving the bay free.   Charger out of action…..  Failed.  A trip to Straiton is now required.

Still, the weather  cleared for our cycle to Ratho. 

A year on a Leaf

Come Saturday I’ll be starting a year with an electric car.   The and ran a competition to win an electric car for a year.   I collect it from the showroom this weekend.



My intention; to use it for work and play for the year seeing how I  (and it) cope with my varied journeys.   As an electrical engineer I can both commute and make longer journeys often unpredictably.



My company has charge points at various locations, so as well as public points I should have access at the office too.  My daily commute at the moment is between 50 and 70 miles, well inside the range of the car.   At home I have solar panels on the roof, so hopefully they will contribute to the journey ahead.  Plans include trying the Far North 500 as well as trips to the west coast.


Today marked my first drive in an electric car courtesy of Andrew at Western.  It’s quite a culture shock from a manual diesel, quiet and my left foot was only required for the handbrake.  Many more buttons than I have most days too.