First Work Day.

Well the Leaf really lends itself to rush hour and the M8 and Edinburgh city bypass.  Speeds are rarely above 57 on the bits where there aren’t queues.  Arrived outside Dalkeith 25 miles 20% used.  Trickled back up to 95% before heading for Straiton.

First chance for one of my colleagues  to come for a spin in the car.  He was keen to see how the fast charge works, so we took a run to Straiton for a tour of the charge point.  Impressed both with the car and the speed of charge.  His first thought was as to why our employer doesn’t have EV’s as an option, especially as we have charge points at numerous locations.  Explained the possible range, combined with fast chargers, would work for most of our duties.  That and the fact that when parked up on a typical day we can trickle ready for whatever comes along.

Drove some of the back-roads coming home, radio off relishing the silence.  Enjoyed that the wildlife on the verges didn’t react, neither running into the road, or running away.  So much more to see at a slightly slower  pace.  Biggest worry isn’t range at the moment, it’s going to be the contract mileage!

Loving the car thanks to

Western Nissan    Energy Savings Trust






Late night top up

After a lovely day with daughter, just topping up the Leaf at I glisten P&R on the way home.  Of the three P&R so far this one is the better laid out.  4 fast bays and two rapid. 


On top of which the rapid charger bays have a 30 minute max stay,not to be left unattended.   Nice touch @cityofedinburghcouncil, replicate and improve at other P&Rs please.  

First time driving at night.   The LED headlamps give a very clear pool of light,  the high driving position feels commanding in the dark.

Car home with 89% , topping up on the home point ready for its first day at work tomorrow.   The challenge,  carrying an extra 50kg in the boot to start with.  Expecting economy to drop from the 3.3 miles per kWh today on the M9/A720 two up with bikes.

Canal trip

Not as wet as it sounds.  Took my daughter for a cycle along the canal…and her first ride in the Leaf.

Don’t know quite what she made of it.   I know she loved the birds eye view in reverse.  Told her that by the time she was learning to drive electric cars would be the norm, not the exception.   I may be overstating the case, only 9 years away.

  Plan was to stop at Hermiston to top up the car while putting the bikes together from the boot, more top up on return leaving the bay free.   Charger out of action…..  Failed.  A trip to Straiton is now required.

Still, the weather  cleared for our cycle to Ratho. 

A year on a Leaf

Come Saturday I’ll be starting a year with an electric car.   The and ran a competition to win an electric car for a year.   I collect it from the showroom this weekend.



My intention; to use it for work and play for the year seeing how I  (and it) cope with my varied journeys.   As an electrical engineer I can both commute and make longer journeys often unpredictably.



My company has charge points at various locations, so as well as public points I should have access at the office too.  My daily commute at the moment is between 50 and 70 miles, well inside the range of the car.   At home I have solar panels on the roof, so hopefully they will contribute to the journey ahead.  Plans include trying the Far North 500 as well as trips to the west coast.


Today marked my first drive in an electric car courtesy of Andrew at Western.  It’s quite a culture shock from a manual diesel, quiet and my left foot was only required for the handbrake.  Many more buttons than I have most days too.