Hill Climb.

The daily climb this week shows the weakness of the Guess-O-Meter.

I’m working on top of Soutra, so the drive from Fife each day finishes on an uphill run. There is a 20A capable socket so a full charge is possible if needed.  Having used it, the GOM reports a range of just 90 miles at 100%.  So on the return journey down the hill, the first 10 miles uses just 3% of the battery, giving a GOM range of 114 miles at 97%.  I’m hoping the new Leaf has a better set of algorithms for range estimates.  

It would be understandable for someone new to EVs to perhaps be startled reaching the summit of a hill to see appent range decimated.  I wonder if the marketing value of a coffee bar and charge station at viewpoints at summits on main roads has been considered yet.  The only caveat on the idea I’d offer is no #JourneyCharger here. The cost of infrastructure is probably enough to achieve that, but it would also potentially reduce efficiency as regen would be lost on the descent.  But taking 3kWh with a coffee might be attractive just to provide comfort…


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