Scottish EV Drivers meet

Today saw the Scottish EV Drivers facebook group meet at Halbeath Park and Ride.

A phenomenal turnout, with more Tesla than anything else.  Overall through the day more than 40 EVs were there.  Three cars were up as demonstrators,  a Zoe , a Model S 90D and a Model X P100D.  Also present were White Car with an S and a model Model S.   Plug In Adventures and BMM Energy were also along.  Other cars present were Amperas, Leafs, i3s and one Ionic EV.

It is a broad and eclectic group of people, all enthusiastic about EVs.  From evangelist advocates to families needing a runabout, this group is a wonderful source of knowledge and real world experience.  If you are a prospective EV owner, join them and EVAS for support and advice.


I’d also taken one of the pedelecs along to push it as a further alternative mode of transport, with a number of people going for a spin round the car park.  As they took off most made a surprised noise, all came back with a smile on their faces.  I think I may have generated some Electric Bike sales.

That said, everyone who had a play in the Model X came back smiling rather broadly too.  It is an astonishing machine.  Although I didn’t play with Ludicrous mode, I did surprise Alexandra at one point by engaging about 80% throttle. The acceleration is…..strong.  Watching the cars leave, it’s plain to see just how much the guys from Tesla enjoy their work………..

If the meets get much bigger, they will definately need a bigger car park.



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