Service Time

Last week the Leaf was in to Western Nissan at Newbridge.

Unsurprisingly, nothing to report! Faultless is a word I use frequently regarding the Leaf. Battery report was the main thing, with 4/5 stars all round. Leafspy could reveal more if I wanted.

The dealership here is now surging ahead in secondhand Leaf sales. Around 30 in the last quarter, arguably a huge number for what is still, incorrectly, perceived as a niche vehicle.  Helps explain why I feel I’m seeing so many on the roads around the area.  

Future news is still thin for the new Leaf, but towards the fourth quarter of the year for release.  Other things to expect: an electric Micra, the platform is designed for an electric drive train. Looking at what’s on offer in the showroom   I’d bet on a crossover as well, as that is a market Nissan are very well established in. If it can tow it is going to a very popular addition.  

The car came back shiny and vacuumed, book all up to date.  It’s quite practical to hang around for the service, less than two hours from check in to return, with free WiFi and coffee, the time flies past.   Next service in 18,000 miles……


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