Rain, the great reducer.

Work had me down in Ayrshire today.  The roads were awash and this had a very definite impact on range.Usually on the motorway I sit at about 57 mph (GPS, not speedo!), as for me this strikes a balance between journey time and range.  Today even that speed was faster than most traffic in the rain.  However the surface water and wind combined to give an energy efficiency a drop to 3 m/kWh.  Less than 1 mile for 1%.  Total mileage for the day was over 200 miles ,three #JourneyCharges.  Closest to the wire was Ayrshire Athletics Arena, arriving at about 4%.  My Leaf stops showing battery percentage at all at 7%,  so the last 3 miles were perhaps felt more exciting than they actually needed to be .  No Tortoise though.

Socially, the Rouken Glen charger at Thornliebank is a busy place, fortunately no long waits, but a constant stream of cars shows up on Facebook and Plugshare.  Time for a second unit here East Renfrewshire Council.

Final stop was at Forth Bridges Visitor centre just before home.  Met up with a recent Outlander owner and took the opportunity to point him at the Scottish EV Drivers Club on Facebook, the Plugshare app and EVAS. When I got home he’s already joined.  SHaring the social side to improve etiquette for all users.



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