Turning over a new Leaf?

At CES in Las Vegas a peek at what might be the facelifted Leaf.



The wing mirrors shrink to cameras, reducing the need for the bulbous headlamps.  There also seems to be a new LED arrangement in there.  The diffusers and bodykit look straight from Nismo, but certainly give the car an aggressive, sporty  stance.

All the gossip on battery and range centres round 38kWh, but with real world range exceeding 155 miles, a gain through a combination of capacity and dynamics.

Thinking about my daily use, that would be nearly 30% of the capacity I’d never use most weeks.  I often find myself explaining to people that range is relative.  Look at your daily mileage, allow for some comfort charging, then for the vast majority of people it should be clear that 100-130  miles of range is adequate.     But, for people without off street parking it will make a huge difference.  The greater range will open up EV driving to far more inner city residents.  And that has to be a good thing.

It will mean we will need to put pressure on councils to further develop and enhance charge infrastructure.

As for my daily drive, I continue  to find it effortless.  Autonomous driving would be nice though…….I can wait…..


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