Close to the tortoise….

With one thing and another coming home I reached the Halbeath Rapid at 0.6%

I’d felt it was time to exercise the battery so didnt charge overnight. The day started at 63%. Two unscheduled stops shortened the trickle charge time by a couple of hours. Combined with the cold, so with just two bars on the temperature gauge, I thought a visit to a Rapid to put some heat in the battery was a good plan. The Guess-O-Meter thought about 8 miles with 4 to go. Up a hill. At 2.5 to go the Very Low Battery Warning sounded and range and percentage went ——. A slightly tense 5 minutes later I plugged in, the charger reported 0% battery. As the tortoise appears at 0.5% it was a close run thing.

Just for visitors to the Halbeath Park and Ride, the coffee machine has pay by donk. Not the greatest coffee, but it is hot…..
The 12 7kW post points are still out of service. Thats been 2 months at least now. Fife Council are aware, but no change yet…..


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Engineer, EV driver, dog owner.

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