Winter Wheels

Well tyres anyway.

Two for the moment, but a full set will follow.

On my old ICE I ran Nokian WR D4‘s which I found to be exceptional in the ice and snow.  So I’ve elected to try their cousins the WR A4 on the Leaf.  Price wise they are mid-market.  Over 10,000 miles, the D4’s wore down about 1.5mm.  On that basis I’d hope to get at least 3 seasons out of a set.

Down here in the central belt of Scotland either tyre looks to be a good compromise.  If I lived higher in the hills, with the prospect of prolonged snow, then I’d probably opt for the Hakkapeliitta R2.   The R2 has one of the lowest rolling resistances for any winter tyre, but in Leaf sizes rates poorly for wet weather.  In snow and ice it is excellent.  For the i3 it seems to be the tyre of choice.

Anyway, with the tyres on, along with the lower temperatures, so far I’ve seen a 5 to 10 mile loss of range.  The tyres are a fair bit quieter than the Enasaves that come with the car.  Out and about today it was freezing, the car felt more secure than usual on the road.  Most apparent when I nearly missed a turn, braked hard to make it with the car showing no signs of slipping or understeer.  JUst need some snow now to see how well they cope.


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