The power of Facebook.

Nothing to do with American Elections. Promise.

There are, as I’ve mentioned before, a number of EV groups on Facebook.  A post at the beginning of November on the UK Nissan LEAF Owners group highlighted a minor flaw in the design of the Leaf.  Maybe more of an omission in the build. @nissanEV_UK

leaf-strut-top-rust  The picture is of a three year old Leaf from the Facebook page.  Either side of the car, under the bonnet , just at the corners of the windscreen are two plastic covers.  Under the covers this is what you you might find.  Drivers side, as above is most likely to see corrosion on the strut top.  The wiper bush sits just above it and when it rains the water runs in.

People have posted the same view from earlier Leafs.leaf-strut-cover-installed  The earlier model included a cap.

strut-cover-leaf This cap.

So with a view to protecting the car, I went to WesternNissan and ordered two.    It’s not clear why they aren’t installed on the car.  The change seems to coincide with manufacture beginning at Sunderland  (UK) and Smyrna (US). That said, the NZ and Australian pages have similar stories. The Leaf from 2013 onwards is 77kg lighter than the original.  Two plastic caps seem to have contributed to this!

In six months with the car, that’s the only negative I’ve come across.

There are areas that could be improved:  I’d love the car to have more 12v auxiliary sockets, one in the boot and one in the rear would be ideal.  LED lights all round at the front would improve the look of the car, but anyone who feels strongly about that can change the bulbs themselves.  Bit of a fiddly job for the DRLs and fogs, but certainly not difficult.


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5 thoughts on “The power of Facebook.”

    1. So far so good – helps that we were spurred into clearing the garage for the charge point. Minus 7 yesterday in Aberdeenshire. We did a 50 odd mile trip on frosty back roads with no noticeable range drop off or handling issues.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder on this issue. Went and checked our 2 month old LEAF this morning and sure enough water is collecting. Dried out and now packed with grease. Going to ask John Clark Aberdeen next week if they will cover caps under warranty. The front suspension assembly diagram on Nissan Europe clearly shows the cap.

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