Back to the commute.

The weather has taken a bit of a mild turn.   Range up by about 10 miles.

Or it could be that style of driving changes between short and long haul journeys. Most likely both.

The return from Newcastle saw a stop at Northumberlandia. for a swift charge. There wasn’t time to explore, but the location is just off the A1, very handy. Another Leaf had just finished charging as I drove in. 

Next stop wasn’t planned, but in Wooler, the charger and convieniences are, convenient. It didnt equate to a huge amount of power, but every little adds certainty to completing a leg with reserve. A coffee stop in Lauder saw charge replenished, finishing with a 20% reserve on reaching home. Total mileage was not massive, but 200 miles Wednesday, about 180 Friday.

Heating in the battery on the Rapids was noticeably less intense than it had been in summer. After the third Rapid, the temperature gauge only reached the seventh bar. In summer there was one occasion that the third charge hit the 11th, red, bar.

Also noticable has been the curtailed regen even when not fully charged. Purely temperature related.  

Tomorrow will see winter tyres on, I’ll be monitoring the effect on range.


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