Work has taken me to Newcastle for the latter part of the week.

Having completed some testing at Bonnybridge I set out South. Total journey for the day was about 200 miles. I set out with a vague plan about where I’d charge on the way. Then didn’t follow it at all. As I had the range to reach Berwick-upon-Tweed I had planned to charge there. I did stop to test the recently repaired Dunbar Rapid. It worked well and has handy amenities in Asda. Having stayed slightly longer than intended, that gave me enough range to reach the hotel but would have left little reserve. Jury’s Inn have no charging in Gateshead….a brief stop in Alnwick saw me arriving with 66% charge. It was dark, so no views of the castle.

Overall the journey took about 70 minutes longer than an uninterrupted drive. (I’m deducting the 35 minutes Google declared for rush hour delays locally). It also saw me arriving more relaxed than on previous journeys here. Provided you can plan journeys and accept that they will take longer, then such journeys are no obstacle in any EV.

Thursday and Friday involve driving to Jarrow where I may be able to trickle charge for the return leg. I hope to complete that with just one visit to a charger, either Dunbar or Haddington. Weather dependant of course.

The northeast of England  has a good charging infrastructure, very busy to look at on Plugshare. Which means I was surprised not to see a single EV (several PHEVs ) on my journey. Bad timing? I’ll  keep looking tomorrow. 


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