Today there was a meeting of EVA Scotland in Queensferry at the Transport Scotland building.


Also home to the exhibition centre for the Forth Replacement Crossing.  Prior to the meeting we had a visit ti the control room to learn more about the tools they have to manage and monitor the roads.   As the sky was clear we were treated to stunning views of the three bridges.  As office windows go……..


The meeting include talks from Archie and Lawrence from Transport Scotland, as well as George Paterson from Edinburgh firm Dukosi.

Hearing the Transport Scotland perspective and being able to offer insight and feedback benefits all sides.  It is difficult to appreciate the challenges they face within such a complex set of environments.  Engagement at driver level is critical to solving the problems that limit uptake through lack of knowledge and ill informer perceptions.  Every little helps, with the EV show at Aberdeen now attributed with 6 EV purchases.

Dukosi are developing battery management systems that look set to enhance the usability of existing battery technology, with the benefits reaching onto the next generation of chemistry.  The technology will, amongst other things, provide true historical data on batteries, enabling better informed decisions on secondhand  EVs, as well as performance of batteries in industrial and grid storage environments.

Upcoming visits may include AGM Batteries in Thurso.  That may prove a very substantial test for the charge infrastructure as 10 or 20 vehicles from over Scotland all descend on one small town in unison.  I’ll tell you how it goes.

So on to purchase. After the meeting I took the short Drive to Western Nissan at Newbridge to complete the purchase of the Leaf.  Official handover later in the month.


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