Cooling off.

The weather that is.

I’ve started to feel the benefit of the climate control timer as the mornings get cooler. Preheated seats, bliss.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that as the temperatures have dropped below 10 degrees,  not only has range reduced by about 5%, regenerative braking is constrained until the battery warms up.  I hadn’t appreciated that the car was capable of doing this.  Maximum regen is 30kW, the manual gives recharge times at different battery temperatures, with limitations applied at the extremes.  So it makes sense that the management system would extend to regen tp protect the battery.

When it happened it did throw me for a bit,  until I remembered the frost warning and the battery temp gauge was all the way down to two bars.  Once the battery was above three, normal service was restored seamlessly.
It did also cross my mind that it could be a limitation to prevent skidding in the cold due to regen.  But that just didn’t add up.  Good though regen braking is, it isn’t  problematic on loose gravel, so similarly would be a non-issue on winter roads.


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