Blair Drummond

Safari Park

A while back I mentioned intending taking the Leaf to the safari park.  As the sun was shining(ish) today we took a run along past Stirling to see the Lions and Tigers, (no bears).

I’d commented on the way wildlife at the side of the road didn’t just run away from the car as it approached.  The same was true for most of the animals in the park.  If you go, just remember to silence the pedestrian warning noise.



The Axis Deer  barely looked up as we stopped beside them, the Bactrian Camel just stood in the road oblivious to our presence. Through the new Barbary Macaque enclosure was similarly unperturbing for the monkeys. They were much more interested in the cars with children eating in the back seats. The lions and rhinos are a bit shy at the moment, with new babies in the family.  To be fair the animals are pretty inured to traffic in general, but the times when they looked up and showed surprise at the machine that was suddenly there showed just how quiet the car is.

Just letting the car creep through in D with no.accelerator was actually too slow between animals!

A compulsory visit to see the meerkats is always a bit of a highlight here, as well as the boat ride, Lemur Land, Penguins and Sealions.  Always a full day out, while for the kids there is an enormous new wooden fort to play in behind the pirate ship on top of all the other activities.


Charging for the day was at Castleview P+R.  First time I’ve encountered a rapid that won’t start from a card after successfully reading it.  The CYC app does mention this once you scroll down the page.  Currently however the app is very slow. Our intention had been to charge for 10 minutes, enough to take us round the park and home.  The statement, castleview-charge, shows 17 minutes on the charger.  That extra seven minutes was taken up trying to get the app to reach the charge session page so that I could end the charge.  Frustrating, but not the end of the world.


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2 thoughts on “Blair Drummond”

  1. I have always found the CYC App to be laggy, with moments of utter lethargy. Cell data was fine, on 3. I spoke to a local i3 driver who confirmed it’s been a known problem for a while. The card does initiate, but as soon as the charge starts, it stops. Almost as though the start button is also the stop, as it reports ‘ charge stopped by user’. CYC know, but it will inevitably rest between manufacturer and council. Got there in the end though!


  2. I take it the problem with the CYC app was your cell data connection. What network? O2 claim good 4G indoor and out, Three say indoor 4G patchy but outdoor good. I take both, just in case, but in Turriff (for example) the CYC card was essential. It’s disappointing that the CYC card did not initiate the charge. Have you contacted them?
    Our wild life here (mainly pigeons) also ignore the EV, but then they also ignore noisy diesels. 😞


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