At least some that  I have been asked this week.

It’s been a busy week, with lots of extra bodies on site.Inevitably thus led to a string of questions,  with most of the usual suspects paying a visit in the conversation.   

A recurring theme was surprise at the range.   Exceeded expectations, for Harry Potter fans.  Another that cropped up was “how long did it take to get used to it?”  The answer, about 4 minutes.   

General concensus was that every two car family should have at least one electric car.   As is mentioned in so many articles and forums,  most typical daily journeys are well within the range of the likes of the Leaf, Zoe, Soul and i3.  No chance of range anxiety,  just plug in overnight and most people  would never need to think about public charging.  It was good to hear such a common sense approach.  How often do most of us drive more than 120 miles a day?

One colleague went electric a while back, though in his case it was electric bikes. As he had one with him, he cycles to work on it, a couple of us took the opportunity to take it for a test drive. Wow.  As he made clear that was a 250W Street legal set up.  Some are now well over 2kW.  While the bike is heavier,  the assistance when pedalling is quite astonishing.  For enhancing your leisure cycling or cycle commuting for those of us who simply enjoy being out and about, it’s ideal.

Not the one I was on!

On a technical note,  the Leaf is now working a little harder as the roads are generally a bit wet,  with the journey being in the fringes of darkness.   Lights on,  heating on, but more significantly,  I’m probably driving a little bit harder some of the time just save time.   That all reduces range.   Worst figure this week was 109 miles at 100%, best 136 miles.  It does make a difference,  but not really one that creates any problems.


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