East Lothian 

A trip to a windfarm in East Lothian today.

Haddington Rapid at the council offices was the ideal pitstop for coffee on the way there.  Easy to find and just off the high street. 

The site office provided a trickle up the hill, although  the descent provided 2% regeneration. The speed limiter makes the journey on the track effortless, as speed limits are applied along its three mile length.  
Off tarmac is probably not a usual environment for a Leaf, but it handles it with aplomb. The cattle were oblivious to the approaching car, then unafraid when I had to thread it between them on the track.  Interestingly enough the pickup just ahead of me saw them skittering out of its path as it approached.  I commented when I began the blog that it was incredible how the wild roadside fauna didn’t scarper as the Leaf approached. Cattle however were verging on actively inquisitive.  

This weekend may see us at the Safari Park.  I’ll report on how the lions take to us.
Although not strictly required I went to the troubled Dunbar Rapid just in case it was working.  Plugshare last saw it reported broken 5 days ago.  No change.  This charger features regularly on the forums as a problem. CYC can only confirm East Lothian Council are in discussion with ABB regarding what can be done.  @ELCouncil really need to be more active here, as this is really a key charger on the A1 corridor.  For visitors to Dunbar in EVs only the charger at Haddington keeps the journey without worry.  Some additional Fast posts in the town’s carparks would help encourage EV visitors to explore this end of East Lothian.


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