Borders Weekend, Ayrshire night.

A trip in the rain on Friday down to Melrose for a retiral showed the car using 20% more energy for a journey in the dark and the wet.

Journey planning has to reflect the weather. The number and location of rapids of course meant there were never going to be any issues,  it’s just worth noting for longer journeys that soft weather is hard on range.

Charging on Saturday was done slowly using the output of my parents solar panels.  While it didn’t completely charge the car,  it was adequate to leave a 14% reserve after the journey home.

Last night however I was called out to Saltcoats.  As it was approaching 11 when I was leaving, I elected to take the ICE.  Saltcoats is 75 miles from the house, wet doesn’t begin to describe the road conditions!  Could I have done it in the Leaf? Yes, with charging at Kilwinning. But.  I was tired on the return.  It might have benefitted me to have had a snooze while charging. More likely I’d have slept right through though, which would have left me on the wrong side of the country.  I can’t say the ICE was better choice, but for maintaining a higher average speed over the total journey it was probably marginally less tiring.  Really not much in it.  I think if I’d been called earlier, I would not have hesitated and taken the Nissan.  The next time even a late call will see the battery option being used.  Just with a bigger flask of coffee!


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