Back in the ICE

It’s an indicator of preference really, but when I went to use the ICE today to tow the trailer for a firewood run, the battery was flat.

It’s been over three weeks since I last used it.  It is still an enjoyable drive, with a very different feel on the road.  But it smells, it’s noisier and it needs the clutch at junctions!  The Leaf is much more relaxing to drive. Although after three weeks away from the ICE I am more conscious of the differences in handling and involvement.  Difficult to explain, as they are, well, different.  The feedback, ride height, suspension and purpose really defy a proper comparison.  

One of them however hasn’t moved for three weeks……..

The Leaf is more subtle in the ways it gives road feedback to the driver, your ears tell you more than the steering wheel.  I can tell more about surface water from the sound than I could ever interpret from physical feedback, at least until aquaplaning starts. With the ICE the engine and deadening nearly completely mask the road noise, so the steering wheel is the best source.  

Engineered that way or not in the Leaf, it works well, switching between the two is not wholly intuitive…


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