More happy miles.

The daily drive was again trouble free.  The frustration of Cumbernauld aside it’s been effortless.  

Although it is not a catastrophe having such poor infrastructure in the area, it is a loss for the local traders.  With charging comes spending, whether it’s  coffees, impulse buys while browsing  or simply a conventional mix of charging and groceries.  While the return on investment for the traders is perhaps difficult to measure, data regarding chargepoint users will provide a strong indicator of why they were there. 

Yesterday a colleague was through to set up some equipment at site and took the opportunity to look at the car.  

As a second, possibly also a third family car, the Leaf is a strong contender.  Although intended for his wife,  I suspect there will be competition to use it when they buy it. 


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Engineer, EV driver, dog owner.

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