First time the car has done anything out of the ordinary.

Driving in to Edinburgh  this morning the automatic headlights came on, in spite of the morning sun.  That was, however not the problem.  At Quality Street, I’d just missed the lights, so engaged P in the queue.  As the lights went green, I pressed the brake to engage Drive…..nothing but a beep and Neutral.  Went for the obvious turn it off and turn it on again…same, but with a couple of warning lights.    Fortunately there is a slope, so I was able to let the car run clear or the traffic.

Third time lucky the car chimed and I was able to enter drive.

As I headed along the road, I tried to identify possible causes.  The only one that comes to mind is that I was earlier than usual, and the point at which the lights glitched was when I have the heater programmed to start in the morning, the point at which it shut down was 20 minutes later, when the heating would automatically stop.

I’ll maybe fire an email to Nissan, as I don’t see both as coincidence, however, I can note it as something to be aware of.


Other than that the week was again without incident.  Today ended up with a trip to Cambuslang, where I was able this time  to use the chargepoint.  A replacement RFID tag had been delivered to site.  Only a 13A outlet, but every little helps.  I was onsite for just over three hours, so just over 7kWh restored to the battery.  A 16A outlet would have resulted in a full charge.  A colleague at that location is buying a Model S, so for him at least enabling the chargepoint for regular use is a big plus.


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