Called out to the West

An unwelcome wake up call at 0730 meant a trip to Falkirk  and Govan.

To top it off it rained, which did hamper range a bit.   I did grab about an hour on the granny charger, but on the return leg I opted for a stop at the Ingliston Rapid as range was showing on the Guess-O-Meter at 13 miles, with 103 driven, mainly on the motorway.    I’m pleased with that,  as this journey was entirely ad-hoc.  While in Govan,  I bumped into a colleague who currently drives a large 4×4, but revealed he has ordered a Tesla Model S with a 70kW battery.  His first question;  are you managing to claim expenses?

While driving back I was listening to a Peter Curran programme from 2010, Electric Ride.
The car used was, well, small, and travelled some 4500 miles across Europe.  The overall view of the programme is very positive, the most interesting aside is that it reveals how far both cars and charging infrastructure have come.  There was no such thing as a Rapid charge for the journey, while range was just 50 miles.  The same journey now would be possible to complete with almost no planning, and would barely justify a programme.  I wonder if he could be convinced to take a spin with Robert Llywellyn.


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