Nothing catastrophic.  


After work this evening the plan was to see a show at the Fringe.  So going to Ingliston P&R  I’d  hoped to use one of the Fast chargers while in town using the tram. There are only 4 which is now becoming rather inadequate.   Found one of those 4  ICEd, that really doesn’t help.   The red Leaf had managed to circumvent the problem,  but there was no possibility for any further shenanigans to get a charge. Alas even on returning after 9, the ICE hadn’t moved although everything else had.  Not even a ticket on it.   
With the increase in all types of EV car park operators will need to reassess the provision of Destination chargers and the policing of their bays.  Out of the hundreds of bays in this P&R a grand total of 6 are for EVs, two being 30 minute stay rapids.  Not every EV will need to charge, but I saw six EVs  other than mine just in this corner of the car park.   Time to expand the facility, 4 more would be a start.  Charger power need not be high, even 16A for a typical user spending 7 or 8 hours away will cover most needs. With an intelligent integrated management system, they could all be 32s unless the Rapids are in use.  
The show we saw was The Wedding Reception, at the George Hotel.  Interactive theatre with a (lacklustre) meal.  Entertaining though.  


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