Heading West

Today’s work run was west.  A meeting at the Cambuslang office then at Hamilton.  

The journey was marred by the inevitable roadworks, which of course the Leaf was the ideal vehicle for.  However, on arriving at the office I encountered a problem.  The office is equipped with a single charge point, just recently upgraded with an Electrobay pillar.elektobay 250 pillar  Alas my CYC card would  not authorise, with no-one in the office or in the transport department able to say if there was even a local card available.   I was disappointed to say the least.  On researching the pillar I was doubly disappointed to find it is essentially a controlled 13A socket, rather than a Type 2 socket.  There is capacity on site for at least two 32A supplies, probably more.

Anyway,  there was enthusiastic interest amongst colleagues in the office, particularly those who commute just a few miles a day.  At least one is now seriously considering a purchase, comfortable that longer journeys are also easily achievable.  Much discussion about range, charging, comfort and the utility aspect of the car.

Moving on to Hamilton, there are two much older charge points at that office.  Both ICEd.  Just as I was giving up, having found a couple of BS1363 sockets, one of the offending cars left.  I had to chase a BMW that tried to beat me to the space, spaces near the door are always popular.  The chargepoint showed every sign of having never been used.  The lead was still coiled and wrapped in plastic.  Supply to the EVSE was isolated locally, but easily brought to life.   Originally installed for a fleet of Peugeot vans, the  socket was actually Type 3, but thoughtfully was provided with a Type 3 to Type 1 adapter lead. type 3 type 1 cable A first for me anyway.  The connection is only 16A but worked perfectly.  About 25% charge while I was in.

The colleague I was working with came out to see the car and went for a short spin.  Both impressed by the smoothness and the silence, as well as taken with the oomph.

The return leg was bereft of traffic jams, with 50% remaining on return.  So even if the charge point had not been available, the range was more than adequate for the day.  As the sun was bright, the home charge was at least partly from the solar array, making the days motoring even more eco-friendly.



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