Another day, but summer?

Yes the weather here in Rosyth didn’t really pass muster a summer.  Winds followed by torrential rain.

A day in the garden was followed by a visit from my cousin and her family.  After some catching up we took them for a spin in the Leaf.  I won’t claim any converts but certainly some illumination both in terms of performance and capability.   

If the trials of the solid oxide fuel cell eNV200 in Brasil lead on to production, that would provide the ultimate company van for her husband.  

About the van. 
It’s actually the people carrier version. With a range of 372 miles, utilising renewable fuel as well as charge points, it could offer irrefutable answers to many of the more persistent naysayers both in terms of range and infrastructure.  A hydrogen economy without having to to manage a highly flammable gas.  Much better than the current REX compromise. It looks promising, with the potential to create a whole new tier of EVs  to add to the mix.  And that would be a good thing.


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