Blair Castle.

A trip North today to visit Blair Castle, home of Europe’s last private army.  

The current Duke is South African and only turns up once a year.  The Castle dates back centuries and has much to see. The walled garden alone justifies a visit.  Just beware of the swans with cygnets.

The drive up in the Leaf was on the motorway in heavy traffic. 60 was achievable between jams.  A stop at Broxton for coffee let the battery take enough charge to complete the days journey.  On paper the round trip might just have been possible without charging.  Higher speeds and torrential rain inevitably result in a higher rate of consumption. Just because we were passing through Pitlochry it made sense to take the opportunity to charge just for the duration of a comfort break.  The Guess-O-Meter  indicated 20 miles remaining on arriving home after a journey that finally totalled 148 miles.  Starting from 100% and taking in 16kWh from the two charges gives about 40kWh used. That translates to about 0.27kWh/m.  I usually average between 0.22 and 0.24.  Higher speeds and rain mean higher rolling resistance and a bigger heating load.

Fuel cost equates to about 2.9p a mile at my home tariff costs.  A rough calculation over to the ChargeNed tariffs based on the plan I would use for my mileage, would give a cost of just over 5.5p.  That is the target cost for charging in the UK. Ideally less as electricity costs more in the Netherlands.

Rather embarrassing for AutoExpress, one of their own being interviewed on Sky News essentially spreading disinformation.  It’s hard to comprehend just how he could be so far off the mark. Conspiracy theorists will no doubt have a field day.


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