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Today was a trip to visit Stanley Mills up near Perth.

stanley mills

Although the mills were built in the 1780’s using water as motive power they only closed in 1989.  The mills were initially  powered by breastshot wheels and then by a turbine.  In 1921 they converted to hydroelectricity.  The power station was closed in 1965 but re-opened by RWE in 2004 with an 840kW bulb turbine.  However, no EV charge facility in the carpark.  @rwe_ag and @histenvscot,  there is an opportunity here, encouraging EV visitors, as well as generating PR.  More remote locations are potentially even more daunting for EV drivers without destination chargers.  As the adoption of EVs advances, I’d hope more visitor attractions add charging as part of the facilities.  These would have to be at least revenue neutral for the attraction,  although if they can be shown to increase footfall, they could even be free for visitors.

A trip into Perth took us to the North Inch Car Park, well equipped with a Triple Head Rapid and 6 Type 2 sockets.  The  quick charge was good, there was a Tesla on the AC Rapid, but the DC Rapid was down.  So a quick stop at Kinross Park and Ride, handy for Sainsburys was a bonus on the way home.  On arriving there was a Leaf on one of the Quick chargers, either full or a failed charge and an Outlander on the Chademo.  While we were there another Leaf pulled in, just returning from Falkirk.  The  owner loves his car, had it just three weeks.  First journey had been 340 miles from down near Newark.  As an initial learning experience for driving an EV that is the most impressive I’ve yet heard.

Driving wise the trip up was motorway, the return on the backroads.  The Leaf was quite at home in both environments.  For any journey in an EV, the balance is range  against time.   Planning for either is still the key, trips to Perth are not a challenge from Rosyth, there and back on the motorway is comfortable, but any exploring will really require additional charging.

Next weekend we hope to go further north.




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