I’ve commented before about the level of camaraderie that can exist amongst EV drivers.  On Facebook there are a number of groups offering  EV chat and the chance to share experiences.  Ones worth checking include the UK Nissan Leaf Owners, UK Electric Vehicle Owners and the Scottish EV Drivers Club.  Always interesting to see other peoples points of view.

One of the links that has cropped up on various feeds is an interesting take on the future of charge points.  David Lloyd  has plans for EV hubs.  It will be interesting to see how the business model works.  The blog suggests that charging will be PAYG, but with a concierge service and amenity that may include office space, retail including coffee shops and other possibly gyms.  Long term, this is probably the ideal model for future services for EV drivers.    During a 30-40 minute charge, a space for the kids to play, the business traveller to work and make calls, even to have a workout, are all useful additions for travellers.  However…..

The article is suggesting some initial sites set up at supermarkets, with 10 to 20 Rapid Chargers per site. Arguably a supermarket will either be a destination site, or  simply a comfortable commute from home.   Unless the supermarket is a at a strategic motorway junction, it is hard to see demand being adequate to support the model.  Other sites are implied but not identified, the implication being that the target is motorway services.  To make it a comprehensive network could be challenging.   Could this be a  possible battle with Electric Highway?  Not yet, but give it time.

As it is just beginning down the line of crowdfunding, I have no doubt it will evolve.

Should FastNed cross over to the UK, especially with their new subscription offer, then Ecotricity and EVHub will have serious challenge to their respective operating models.



Back to the title.

This cropped up on a feed today.  The conversion cam be found here.  If anything more desirable than the Ferrari  308GTE.  Although the camper may win on practicality.

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