Nights Away.

The first overnight trip away in the Leaf.  A run from Rosyth down to the Friars Carse Country House Hotel.  Technically the journey is just inside the 125ish miles I usually achieve.  
However the hotel has no dedicated charge point and staff were either disinterested or unable comprehend that all I needed was a 13A socket.

On the way down I had elected to make a few ‘splash & dash’ stops. Whitburn, found partially ICEd  and with a Zoe in place, meant bumping the kerb to get close enough. Ended up speaking to the drivers and comparing notes.   The Zoe driver reports earth problems at her place of work chargers meaning that she often cannot charge there.   Her employer has a fleet of Leafs, so is disinterested in AC problems.  Next time a Leaf she said. In hindsight probably an unnecessary charge for me. 

Next stop was Larkhall P&R. Handy location, reasonably well thought out, almost certainly still accessible if somehow it gets ICEd.  

Last was the essential charger before the rural run to the hotel.  Knowing that this would probably have to provide the return journey to this point it was a relief to roll into the car park at Abington to find it functional,available although covered in muddy footprints!  Made it to the hotel with 75% showing. Tomorrow will be dog walking, castles and museums.   There may even be a trip to Dumfries and inevitably the Rapid Charger before the journey home. 

Range anxiety, no, there was a plan.  The plan was over-cautious though.  The charger at Abington was really the only one needed.  It’s all about learning. 

Speaking of learning:

@friars_carse you need to address this ommission, sister hotels have the facility, why not you?  It need not be more than a couple of waterproof RCD sockets in the car park for trickle charging. 


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