Summer Heat

Summer arrived in the east today.  The site at Dalkeith was 27 degree outside in the shade, although inside the building it was much warmer.  So at days end, I’d set a timer on the LEAF to bring the temperature down to bearable.

Given the traffic on the way home was heavy and slow, being comfortable was already covered.  I made a point of watching the AirCon power consumption.  Never once did it rise to never mind above 500W.  Range gain without it would have been just 5 miles.

Yesterday the LEAF had a visit to a windfarm south of Edinburgh. It wasn’t a planned journey, but straight after my commute, it ate into the range. 20160719_202134.jpg

Still plenty for the return journey though.

Tomorrow the forecast seems to be monsoon, so it will be interesting comparing the consumption in extremely heavy rain.


Also a couple more interested parties asking questions about the car, how I find it and what is like to live with.  As usual I have to answer that it is a very easy car to live with and drive.  The only caveat is that other than short journeys and commutes require a little bit of planning, for which a number of useful smartphone tools exist.


Also pointed them to some of the interesting blogs that are about My Nissan LeafRobert LLewelynThe Little Green Blog and the Energy Savings Trust.




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