Busy week.

The Leaf saw a relatively large number of journeys this week.  For all of that though,only two Rapid charges.  Home charging and the EVSE were more than up to the task.

The first rapid charge was insurance,not to get home,but just in case I was required to go back out.   Then a few days  spent shuttling between three sites.   Only once did this give me concern about finishing the day with a low battery.   15 minutes at Wallyford Park and Ride saw that thought banished.

Friday saw a return trip to Anstruther in the evening for a birthday meal for Alexandra. 

 As Anstruther has 7kW destination chargers, both legs started at 100% charge.  So you might think consumption would be the same.  The lighter rain on the return leg showed just what a difference the wet road makes. 34% used outward,31% return.   The implied ranges  were 124 and 127 miles respectively three adults at A road speeds in the rain.  This is marginally below the average I’ve  seen, but the journey profile was nearly 130 kilos heavier in heavy rain.  A reduction of about 4 miles is,in the grand scheme,nothing.
All in all a very comfortable week, painless,effortless motoring.  Again a few extra faces at work asking about the car and how it was to live with.  A former company mechanic had plenty of complimentary point to make. He was singularly impressed with the internal space.
Not really a Leaf topic:

For those who haven’t been following Ecotricity’s “Charging for Charging” story, another twist has shown up.  The offer of free charging to Ecotricity customers is limited to 52 charges per 12 month period.  Not what they  appear to offer on the website.  BUT, it should not put anyone off buying an EV.  The Electric Highway  is a relatively small group of chargers across the UK.  For motorway journeys, it will present either an inconvenience or cost.  The everyday commute with home charging will go on as before.  Longer journeys will certainly be less attractive in the short term.  It worries me what damage Ecotricity may have done to the advancement of EVs through what was a clearly poorly researched and considered approach to this ultimately necessary change.


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