Busy again.

Now that the Highland Show is over for another year, it’s been back to work this week.   Down in Coldstream again, so the Leaf has been having its legs stretched a bit.

The daily round trip is over 130 miles and passes over Soutra Hill in each direction.   With the varied weather the loss of range in rain is apparent, even more so with a headwind. The range might just be enough for the round trip.   Rather than gamble, I’m able to make best use of the Rapids at Lauder and Coldstream as required.   I know that without the Rapids it would still be a viable journey with 6 hours on the EVSE through the day,with about 20 miles left over.

I’ve tried varying my driving style to see the impact on range.   Unsurprisingly it is significant.   If I try and keep ahead of the traffic, the SoC  drops over 65% on this journey.  Driving largely with the traffic flows, 47%.  Driving to achieve maximum range only gains only 4%, but is so much slower.  
The return journey reduces state of charge by about 6% more than the outward.   I suspect that this more to do with clearer roads leading to higher average speed than the lengths of the climbs. 

Back to the rain. 

One observation on the Leaf ventilation system.   In auto mode it does not deal well with humidity.  Not a problem but certainly my experience is that if the rain is heavy, don’t wait, engage demist mode.   Not the first car that I’ve encountered this in. 
 Finally this week I took a colleague who is retiring, also a follower of the blog, out for a spin, complete with a demonstration of a Rapid.  He is a technophile,with a tremendous array of gadgets.  A vocal supporter of EVs, he recalled driving electric vans 35 years ago with the SSEB. Low on range and reliability, they weren’t popular with the garage at the time as they almost always needed a tow home. His comparison of the Leaf was not to the vans of old,but to the ride and feel of a high end luxury car,smooth, silent and comfortable.  He’s not rushing into a purchase, but is certain that they are the way forward.


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