Highland Show 2016

Rather unfortunately this year the Highland Show has coincided with an RMT rail strike in Scotland.  As a result the roads were chaotic this morning.  Google Maps suggested a much longer route to avoid the worst of the queues.   45 minutes to reach a destination 20 minutes away.  Some 70 minutes faster than any of the usual routes.   The last mile took 25 minutes!  Cosseted in the quietness of the #nissanleaf that wasn’t a hardship.  For anyone who hasn’t been to the show, either in a while, or ever,  wp-1466716758039.jpg

go visit, there is something for everyone.  The Drakes of Hazzard runner duck display team, Ben Potter’s Birds of Prey are hugely entertaining.   Visit the  Highland Show site for more.

On the EV front I didn’t see any in the car park, but with around 60,000 visitors on the day, maybe not a surprise.  #westernnissan have a stand, although I didn’t manage to visit it today.   Did drive past their new showroom under construction at Newbridge, looking very impressive.   Mitsubishi had a number of PHEVs on display complete with dummy charge points.

I’d like to think that the @RHASS might look to add EV destination charging as part of the car park in future.  Not really something I’ll need, but it could allow users from further afield the option.. The chargers at the nearby park and ride are usually well used, even more so today.  I have asked the question.  Hopefully they will approach the #est_scotland for advice.

On the return journey we passed a white Leaf on the Forth Road Bridge. It was somewhere between disappointing and pleasing that she seemed bemused that we waved.  As I mentioned in an earlier post EV drivers have been a bit like a VW camper drivers, always a friendly wave recognising a kindred soul.  Certainly that is what I’ve experienced. So disappointing that the sense of community was not present.  Pleasing though in that it is an indication that the driver doesn’t consider the car different from the norm  Possibly for her it is just a car, and that is a positive sign that EVs are  becoming fully accepted as normal.   Only better.



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