Borders trips

This week was again a mix.  ICE on Monday as my work gear was already loaded…  Tuesday was a trip to the city centre and Dalkeith.    The traffic was  unusually heavy due to a rail strike.  So again one of the pleasures of the EV was the crawl in slow traffic.  I only came to a standstill a handful of times. In the course of an eight mile crawl, battery charge dropped only 5%.  Mainly downhill though.

Today was a longer run to Coldstream, with the starting charge at 63%. A strongish wind   meant that the Guess-o-Meter  was looking very pessimistic as I came over Soutra hill.  A successful charge at the  Lauder rapid meant no risk of range anxiety.   The check-in on plug share resulted in a question from another user about the charger.  Seems that this is a new one to replace a previous incarnation.  The ability to ask a user who is literally at a charger how ell it works or how easy it is to find is shouldn’t be underestimated .. Just check this video on how to find the John o Groats Rapid.  Imagine trying to find it in the dark…….


Two more colleagues had the chance to have look at the car and go for a spin.  Again both sold on EVs as the way forward, struck by the smoothness of the drive.  Even more surprised by the cabin space.  Somehow they expected it to be small.  I’d spoken to my father earlier who had seen one at the Melrosians Rideout and he also commented that it was larger than he had expected.


Heading home through the Royal Highland Show traffic, I was struck by just how few EVs I’d seen in the traffic today.  Not one.   We will be travelling to the show tomorrow in the Leaf, hopefully there will be more around tomorrow. Although the showground has a chargepoint, it will not be accessible for the show.  Maybe something to consider for the future for @RHASS.


A short journey  up to #WesternNissan at Halbeath so that I could add the charge point to the Nav.  The showroom is just setting up for EVs and they had their first one on charge.  The Sales Manager came out for a chat.  Very enthusiastic.


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