Wet weekend in June

The weathers here is Scotland has been disappointing this weekend.   Alexandra took the Leaf for work again.  Twice this week on her way home she has met EVS at the rapid.   One was an Leaf, so a trip to the#westernnissan  Chademo  at Halbeath was required, the other a Zoe,  who was a bit grumpy at finding her on the rapid.  He did work out that the rapid will support AC and DC simultaneously.  Not all rapids do apparently.

Sunday saw us taking a run towards St.Andrews for some antique furniture.   Although the bit space in the Leaf is slightly awkward, it is spacious and capable of holding a great deal, carefully packed that is.   Today that meant two oak dining chairs and an Edwardian revolving bookcase.   Swallowed with ease.

The journey was on a an eco route on the Nav, starting with about 80% charge, 240Wh/m used, with Heat and AC the whole way.   There was enough charge to get home, but we elected to try the rapid at Fife Council’s Bankhead depot.  It’d a goods one to find.  Just off the A92, available 24hrs,covered by cctv and very easy to find.

Charged up to 91% from 24% we returned home with 77%.  So for an unplanned journey of around 80 miles  the battery was well inside the comfort zone,but worth charging available, the risk of range issues doesn’t  arise. 


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