Fun on the road

Today was a wee road trip in the #nissanleaf up to Anstruther.  The East of Fife is poorly catered for in the way of chargers.  But by no means inaccessible in an EV.wp-1466284817350.jpg

Past Leven there is Anstruther,  the Secret Bunker and the selection in St Andrews.  We paid a visit to the Rapid at the council offices at Glenrothes.  In the staff car park there is a large display of the Fife Council electric fleet.  MIEV, Citroen, VW eGolf, Leafs and Outlander PHEV all visible at the 16 charge sockets.  As well as the inevitable ICE.  Strictly not meant for the public, but I sure out of hours you could use it as a destination charger if you were at the nearby restaurant.


Fife council has implemented 20mph zones in many villages and the Leaf with the incredible flexibility of electric transmission simply crawls through with no effort from the driver and less still from the car.  I have found 20 zones to be quite a bit more intensive to navigate in an ICE vehicle.

Anstruther has a two point charge post in the car park adjacent to the Scottish Fisheries Museum, right beside the RNLI  station.  As a destination charger, it’s a fine location, but only two is going to become very inadequate in the near future.  Take note @FifeCouncil.   Since summer was out the town was busy, although we were the only EV around.   PlugShare shows a little activity over the last year.  As the bays are right next to the car park entrance and disabled bays the risk of ICEing is high.  Right after we parked, while I was connecting to the post, an ICE drew in, then away avoiding eye contact.  As we were leaving, same again.  The bays are well signed, but would possibly benefit from a colour fill, just to highlight their purpose.  @FifeCouncil again…..

If you haven’t been to Anstruther, go, but early if you want fish and chips, the queue was forty long outside the Fish Bar as we left!

Alexandra still hankers for a sportier look, but I may have gone too far finding this.  Could be the future for classic cars as towns start to ban ICE below certain EURO emissions levels.  There are other conversion companies available.






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