Full work week.

This week was the first that I was able to only use the Leaf, no trailers required. The most onerous journey was down to a site near Coldstream. In theory it might just have been possible to complete the journey on a single charge. However the route is on fast roads with one large hill in the middle. Sure enough by the top of the hill the numbers had dropped. The descent recovered 15 miles to the Guess-O-Meter, but the round trip was not going to happen. There is a Rapid unit at Coldstream, the best sign posted that I’ve come across. Well done @scotborders.

So,15 minutes rapid while I walked along the high street to buy lunch, a brief stop in Westruther to say hello to some friends and show them the car meant a visit to the Rapid in Lauder was going to be required to get home.

While charging in Lauder a phone call resulted in a work callout to Edinburgh, where the car shuttled between various sites before heading home. Even after that I returned home with 56% remaining. The infrastructure isn’t perfect for charging everywhere, but with a bit of thought and consideration, rural journeys present no worries in an EV. Planning is, for me at least, the key.


Someone asked how it would cope with the wet, what with all the rain and potential for flooding. Good question. A bit of research and it turns out the Leaf is rated to ford 300 mm of water, more than many ICE vehicles can manage. The body style and absence of grille at the front also means a textbook bow wave is almost unavoidable. I’d still rather drive round the long way where I can though…

Wet Leaf


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