Another day…..

After yesterday’s trip to St.Andrews the day started at 80% charge.   So today after starting at Straiton,I grabbed 15 minutes rapid at IKEA,then on to Dalkeith.


Discussed with a colleague about suitability as a second car for his family.   A Gen1 #nissanleaf would be provide adequate range, even with a heavily diminished battery.   I think he’s convinced himself, but it is a two part decision.


Trickled to 100% before the drive home. So ended the day with 82% and 107 miles on the Guess-O-Meter.



As my route is largely trunk roads and motorway, there is lead braking recovery even in B mode.   Still, just over 4 miles per kWh, 3p a mile!






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Engineer, EV driver, dog owner.

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