Work day run to Wishaw

Thursday took me on a work trip with stops at Inverkeithing, Broxburn and finally Wishaw before returning home. 

Started with about 80%, trickled 2kWh at Inverkeithing, found the Acredyke car park point in Bathgate for an additional 4kWh and a further 4kWh in Wishaw.  Various colleagues who hadn’t seen the car before enjoyed a look round. Particularly impressed with the boot.  


I was impressed while following my colleague home along the A71 in his A6 that my fairly steady driving meant that when I pretty much kept up with him.   Arrived home with 33% and 50 miles on the Guess-O-Meter.  Enough to go shopping and hit the rapid near the supermarket.

Today,(Friday), was trip to the dentist with my daughter in Alexandra’s car.   A treat for ChloĆ© in a sports car and an opportunity to discuss her take on the different cars.  Although only 8 she has strong views. Her fear of electricity has made her wary of it. So she perceived electricity as risky.  Much explaining later…. she understands that she will probably learn to drive in an EV, and it will certainly be better than an ICE vehicle.   The most impressive thing was her detailed explanation of how an ICE works,as well  as the emissions downsides.  She now knows almost as much about the EV.  So much simpler it didn’t take long.

The EV count was still low.  Wishaw is not well equipped with chargers.  Saw one Leaf in Bathgate, then today saw an Dog Day Care e-NV200.  See more here. And here.  The comments about dog happiness in the EV reflect what we have found with our spaniel in the Leaf.  Much happier.



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