Weekend road trip.

Yesterday the weather in the West of Scotland looked better, so we took the #nissanleaf  for a road trip in search of sunshine. A sort of dry run for the FN500. We ended up in Tyndrum with the compulsory visit to the Green Welly Shop.  Didn’t need their rapid though as we’d charged just before at Killin.

The scenery was as dramatic and beautiful as ever.   In the serene environment of the car, it probably felt as close to being out walking whilst covering the distance as you can get.   We took all the scenic routes, gave the dog a  nice little run and splash in Killin.

A quick charge at Crieff, not because it was needed, but because it was there.   A regular comment on the forums is “never pass a rapid”. It’s not a given, but there is a good argument for it if the battery is below 60%.  Covers all eventualities.  Saves on potential trips on a flatbed.

The eco route home revealed a few dramatic views of rural Perthshire, Stirlingshire and Fife. Scotland in the sun, well worth the wait.

EV count for the trip was one Tesla near Blair Drummond, one Leaf passing at Crianlarich, lonely at the chargers though.


Energy use for the day doesn’t all seem to have been captured by the servers.  Mileage was nearer 200 than 125.  Given the roads I’m pleased with 0.22 kWh to the mile.   Other seem to manage better but this was more of an open road journey.

I’ve enjoyed playing with the throttle to manage regeneration on the hills.  I’ve had best results in B  and eco mode.   Initially I didn’t take much to eco mode.  The throttle felt unresponsive, more than once unnerving me at junctions.   That said when it comes to balancing regeneration/speed on a hill,the finesse that ECO  offers with B mode is a winner.  Takes a little getting used to though.

I’ll quite happily change between ECO and normal during a journey.  Mastering the two stage throttle action for quick getaways at junctions has made a big difference to drivability allowing for prolonged use of eco when cruising.


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