EV The future of motoring.

A discussion today at work with two of my colleagues, one of who fits the category petrol head totally,illustrated the point about conversion to EV driving.  It’s about expectation and education. 


I read an article years ago about road design.   Who in their right mind would have vehicles travelling in opposite directions at high speed on the same roadway? Obviously it’s a throwback to the days of horse and cart and difficult to overcome in an established environment.

Things become ingrained or established, making it difficult to overcome the resistance to change.

Back to my colleague; he has several cars including an R8.  His argument against a Model S came down to “I like the noise going through a tunnel”.   Range didn’t come in to it.   So the overriding factor was what he is used to.   His perception of good is driven by habit.  He’s well aware of the shortcomings of ICE. I’ve  even shown him the Coates Spherical Rotary Valve option that would improve OHV engines no end.  He likes the #nissanleaf but is wary of range.  His daily round trip commute is 120 miles.  Possible, certainly, though as he drives past 7 Rapids each way,as well as having the option to plug in at work, I’d say easily achievable.   Shown the points on Plugshare, he can see it is viable.   Still too set in his ways to change though, but aware that he may have to and that it would save him money.  But the habit of noise = power is set.  I think this is a bigger issue than any other for converting many drivers.

So a new driver, unused to the feel of an ICE vehicle would learn to expect silence, with the option of a leisurely drive or a speedy range reducing sprint.  I’d also like to believe that they will also be forced to develop better driving habits to maximise range.  All of which is good.

As EVs become more dominant, see The Case for EVs, the streets will be a quieter place.   (I’m aware of the issues for the blind, but that is for another time).  We’ll look back and wonder how we put up with the noise and fumes from ICE in cities and towns.

Back to dual carriageways.

Common sense is to segregate traffic flow.  Once that was established trunk routes and high speed roads followed that norm.  Common sense to have quiet clean cars.   It’s evolution, not revolution.   IFor me the biggest thing holding back  uptake in EVs (discounting for now  conspiracy theories regarding oil companies, governments and automakers. See Occupied) is  human resistance to change.   Even when it’s common sense.




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