A whole week in long term parking, and no percentage change.  Expected, but still a happy thing.   As was being able to switch on the AC in the terminal to cool the #nissanleaf before we reached it.  

That left enough to travel home, back to the Straiton,in a hurry,then reach the Rapid at Ingliston on the way home with 6% left.  It may well have been  ‘just’ enough to have made it home.  But why even try with the option of charging.   Thirty minutes even at 6kW would have been adequate.  

That’s probably as close to range anxiety as I have yet come.   I did pass three other Rapids on the way, so the infrastructure is there around Edinburgh  to allay most worries about running out of power.

With the closure of one of the local rat runs for two weeks, the morning and evening traffic has since been more stop-start than ever.  Sitting in an EV is as I’ve mentioned before,  much more relaxing in a jam than in an ICE.


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Engineer, EV driver, dog owner.

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