Electric Gozo?

You’d think that a small island nation where almost every return journey is viable in an EV would embrace the low carbon option. 

On Gozo I saw a single Renault Fluence.


Public charge points abound, all destination Type 2 Mennekes. All installed  during the EU/ Government pilot.

There is no real need for a rapid here!   Only as we returned to the airport did I spy a brand new #nissanleaf.  At the dealerships offering brands with electric models I didn’t identify any promotional material.  

There are a couple of problems in Malta that I suspect contribute to this apparent state.   Currently the grid in Malta is based on fossil fuels and the recent link to Italy.  There are a handful of wind turbines and a surprisingly modest number of installations of solar panels considering the climate. Power is not cheap on Malta.  So with the short journeys and scope for cheap solar charging why on earth is the uptake so low?  Car ownership in Malta is amongst the highest in the world.  But.   Like France in the 90’s, there are many old cars and lorries still in use.  Taxing a vehicle in Malta (first use) is based on a formula based on value and length for EVs, and CO2, N-1 EURO emissions  and value for ICE.

So cost must be a significant factor.    Yet there are cars of equivalent cost roaming the roads.     The whole archipelago majors in small cars generally.   If you’ve never been……the roads are variable. From the spine route on Malta to routes where 15kph is fast,no journey would challenge the range of an EV. In almost every respect the ideal territory for EV use. 

There is a government grant scheme for both new and used import EVs,that largely offsets the registration costs.  But a two year old VW up! is still thousands of Euros less upfront to drive.  I’d struggle to believe that there is real government enthusiasm for EVs. 

Feel free to read up on other environmental issues affecting Malta. 


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