The miles to Dundee.

To be fair, not so many.   With the Nav on eco mode again a very pleasant scenic route was taken.  We weren’t in a rush or the trunk roads would have been a better option.  Some stunning views that would have been missed that way.   This aspect of the car is a surprise bonus.  An easily taken option for a slower pace  that is both relaxing and rewarding.

Dundee, if you don’t already know, has a fleet of Leaf taxis, as our destination to collect or soon was around the corner from their depot I went along to grab a charge and see their setup.   5 rapids and 10 fast.  There was surprisingly limited access to the fast chargers, pitfalls of a busy business area.   However with 5 rapids that hardly matters.


Dundee seems to have embraced #EV driving. I saw three private #LEAF owners and one council driving about in the short while we were there.

The journey home was four adults and luggage for two.  We did have some detours for travel money and a brief stretch of motorway, but no worriesome impact on range   The route guidance, range on the Guess-O-Meter and actual miles covered tallied very well. We’ll try again as a motorway journey for comparison. A return commute to Dundee from Rosyth on a single charge by motorway looks well within capability of the battery.

Since the sun was shining again, really, the EVSE came in to play to make the most of the solar output.

Next week takes us to Malta,though not in the #LEAF.   Fun sounding challenge though.   Malta is well catered for with fast chargers, it’s size more or less meaning rapids are not required.   #EV hire cars that I could find, but I’ll keep an eye out for local drivers.



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