Rosyth charge

I said before that driving the LEAF was much easier on the driver, with a much lower workload.   Rush hour driving is so much less stressful.

It’s much more natural driving the #LEAF driving the TT isn’t  without its merit, but was so much more intense.  Very conscious of gears and clutch requiring extra focus.

Tried to use a charger at a council office in Edinburgh today.  Failed, the point was blocked by a council MIEV that wasn’t even plugged in.   It is a busy car car park and I had no need to chase them to move it as I had plenty of charge to go elsewhere.  But….not very friendly @cityofedinburghcouncil.

Stopped in at Rosyth Halt to charge on the way home.  No other EVs here and neither space ICEd. Before I was an EV driver I found it irritating seeing people abuse these facilities.   Now that I’m one of the people who needs to use them, it can cause far more frustration.

On my way home the sun came out so the Leaf was plugged in with the EVSE lead so that the solar panels could do most of the charging.   Still enough left for the #immersun to continue heating the thermal store.



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