Single charge round trip.

Today was a trip from Rosyth to Springkerse in Stirling, then down the M9 and A720 to Straiton.  Although the cruise down the motorway was restrained at about 57 to 59 miles an hour, the range visibly diminished 20% faster than the miles went under the wheels.  The sat navigation in eco mode did rather want to travel the rural route, but the time penalty was too much today.

Just started charging.

Now sitting in the torrential reason at Halbeath P&R,checked in on Plugshare.

So, even with 40 motorway miles, 98 miles covered, there remained 11 indicated on the Guess-O-Meter.  I’m pretty happy with that.  Both locations where I was working were less than half a mile away from a rapid, as well as the option of trickle charging.   Even the route was well served with both rapid and quick locations, so no chance of range anxiety.   If I’d needed more range today, two 15 minute visits to any of those rapids would have covered most eventualities.





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