118 miles and 83% remaining.

The arithmetic says 142 miles in B mode.  It would be interesting to see when  the power ( or more likely my nerve) ran out.

I should point out the car is running with around 40kg in the back in tools and equipment, again in the hills of Edinburgh, without being overly gentle at the traffic lights.  Grabbed a charge at a meeting today through the window of a portacabin.  The availability of this option really appealed to a couple of the people who asked what I was doing.  They hadn’t realised that the car could be powered from a conventional BS1363.  Certainly that altered their view of the practicality of the EV.


On the subject of BS1363, please visit Fatally Flawed, an explanation of why those plastic socket covers should not exist and why they are not approved as part of the standard.  They are dangerous.


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Engineer, EV driver, dog owner.

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