Race for life.

Today was both the Scottish EV drivers meet up and Alexandra completing the #raceforlife.  There could only be one winner


Hopetoun House is a stunning place to visit, even just for a a walk in the gardens and  an extremely grand setting for this events.   In the whole car park I didn’t see another EV.  Was everyone at the EV drivers meet?  The numbers were smaller at the meet but still impressive.

Left the house with 40% then after the race took the dog for a swim at Cramond so elected to have a quick drive to the ChaDeMo at Ingliston P&R before heading home.  Ideal opportunity for a decidedly unromantic picnic while   the power flowed. As this was Alexandras first visit to a public charge station I asked her opinion.   The charger at Ingliston is not exactly intuitive, some of the soft key placements are inept but the nice clean air was a winner.  Back in time to top up from the solar panels to 100% for the morning.

The alternate view on driving the car, her more aggressive style of driving and the Leaf don’t quite meet.  Speed is more her thing and that obviously impacts on range.  While I tend to be a bit more evangelical about efficiency and environment, convenience and speed are more her.  Could she use it as a daily driver?  Yes, but her current daily mileage for work is 26 miles, presenting no problems.  If further travels in Fife were required, then access to charge points would become vital. Looking at the maps that isn’t beyond the realms of possibility, but probably outside the boundaries of practicality.

Back to the solar panels.

The house has biomass heating and an Immersun to capture surplus electricity into the thermal store.  Certainly at this weekend I can see the reduction in power leeched into the hot water.  Which means having nice fire in the kitchen later.  Having an EV may provoke the installation of evacuated tube solar thermal sometime in the next few years.  The idea of a larger PV array is always there, but the complexities are, well, mainly expensive!



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