Team viewing.

OK my colleagues didn’t come to see the car it was our regular monthly meeting.  A few interested faces had a good look round though.  With one exception they were impressed, with some convinced that it is the way forward.  Certainly I’d agree that EVs will start to take a significant percentage of the car market over the next ten years.

I don’t think the person who was less positive disliked the car, just not sure of the whole thing.

Can’t argue that the charger infrastructure  needs some development and also assessment of the layouts, rules and etiquette  of  charge bays. Any input @scottishgovernment @derekmackay?

Some drivers are clearly regarding EV charging bays as free or priority parking.  The councils seem to have taken the funding for charge points and built with no ongoing strategy for continued development.  While DC chargers are inevitably going to be capital intensive, Type 2 sockets are not.  @edinburgh council, how about more Type2 Mode2 points at all park and rides.

Popped into see Cezar and Andrew at @westernnissan for a chat,   both drive Leafs and are  very enthusiastic about the car.  If you haven’t driven an electric car arrange a test drive.  I’m back in the ICE tomorrow as the trailer is required.  I’ll post how it feels back in the tractor..

Today, successful charge at Halbeath, failed at Inverkeithing, A point in use, B point in the red. Charged up at home……


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