Friday run about

Not a big miles day.  A run up to Halbeath to meet a contractor and search out some equipment.  Took the opportunity to grab some charge from the Type 2, then off to Glenrothes.  Then a cruise across to Straiton for work then home, exploring the charging possibilities that Ferrytoll has to offer.  Two Type 2 points on the edge of the roadworks for the road re-alignments for the Forth Replacement Crossing.  15 minutes of charge allowing a couple of phone calls.  Love the way the Leafs’ satnav logs charging locations used.

Starting to  play the efficiency game.  I’m averaging 4.2 miles per kWh.  So for a 30kWh battery that may translate to 126 miles of range.  Come the 23rd we will make our first real intercity journey and see how that translates in the real world.  The route will be more rural and A road than motorway as time is not an issue, with the pleasure of touring being an added bonus.

Started reading up on charge regimes, both hearsay and guidance/experience from around the world.  Seems to show some consensus among the naysayers, at odds with Nissan’s’ 5 year 60,00 mile warranty.   Capacity loss is inevitable, but I don’t see it being  terminal by any measure.  The possibility of having to replace engines on vehicles is not all that uncommon, why should anyone regard the battery on an EV differently?


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